One Card Two Faces Magic Trick With Card

One Card Two Faces –  Magic With Card Trick

The ideal sentence of the businessman is “the customer always says right”, but the ideal sentence of magician is “audience always says wrong”. You won’t belive on my words. So I want to proof myself through trick of cards.

you will Need for Do Card Magic – 

Same cards like Two cards of queen ( with Heart shape ) Or Two cards of no. 5 ( with club shape ).

card trick

1 Show the two cards to the audience I.e queen and five. Now put them in your hat or box. Then pick up the queen from this box and tell the audience that you will take the test of their power of memory.

Put the cards in your pocket.

2. And ask any one that which card remains in the box or hat? They will give the right ans five, but you will proof them wrong because queen is in your hat and five (playing card) is in your pocket.

Audience will not agree.

3. But that you will remove the queen from hat and five from pocket. And whatever you were said it will be truth and audience will clap for you. This card Magic trick you can show more times.



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Here the mystery behind of “card magic trick” Take two cards I.e queen and five. Join their back side to each other and in this way the cards will show two face. Now show the different cards to the audience and keep it in the hat. Pick up a card from hat and show the queen(card) to the audience and put it in your pocket when you will ask the audience about card . They will tell that queen is in your pocket. And then pick out the card(queen) from hat and show to the audience

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