Card Magic: Easy Card Trick For Beginners

Welcome To Magic Hax. Today, we are going to share Easy Card trick  by using this magic cards. Dear friends, sometimes we get bore at home. And want to do something for entertainment. We watch the television or we play the games. Such as playing cards or different types of games. But mostly people play cards at home for entertainment. But you can surprise your friend and also entertain them by this Easy magic Card Trick.

Easy Card Trick For beginners –

Magician can show various types of magic with playing cards that will surprise you. Such type of magic has been given by American magician Charles windali. You can also perform this. Let’s learn about the magic trick from the cards. You can do this magic trick with your friends.

You Will Need – Two sets of playing card

Lean How to Do Easy Card Magic –

Show the two cards. I.e. Six and nine. It will be better to perform by this two cards.

Easy Card Magic

Keep this two cards between the set of playing cards at different place. Put your hand on the cards and say the mantra “Aabra Ka Dabra”.
Now tell your friends to detect the cards. After detection, they will find this two card closely and they will surprise after watching it.
Generally, In our daily life we do not concentrate on small things. We see Manny things in our life, but we never observe it.

For example :-
Take a pencil – paper and write down the answer of following questions.

How many bulbs are in your home??

How many stairs your climb in your home or school??

Generally, we can’t answer of this question quickly. Because we do not concentrate on small things. We avoid it. And magic also works on this principle.

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 Trick Revealed – 

This is the real secret of magic. Show the two cards I.e. Nine and six. And say “look at here ” I have two black cards in which one is six and another is nine. Keep the cards between the set of cards in different place. This two black cards will get closely to your friends.
Which you have already kept it. But this cards will be nine and six. Your friends will remember only color or number of the cards,but they will not remember all the details of the cards

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