Coin Magic: Drop the coin in Glass without any touch

Welcome to the Magic Hax  Today, we are going to share intresting and exciting Coin magic trick. and the tricks is that how we can drop the coin in Glass without any touch.  I hope you would like to perform this trick. Magic is also known as supernatural power. But, there is science behind it. It is one of the oldest art in the world. Also, it is the art of creating new things. It is the theory concept studied by all religion. The term magic has variety of meaning. People loves to see magic and they entertained by magic tricks and that’s why we are presenting new magical tricks in this blog.

Coin magic trick – Drop the Coin In Glass without any touch

So dear friends, you can perform given magic tricks at home as well as in school or colleges to entertain your friends, relatives and family. If you are getting bore and want to try something different at home or anywhere then above given Coin magic trick will be very useful to try new.

You Will Need –

A filled Glass of water, Paper, Matchstick, Coin etc.

Lets Start Coin magic trick

  • Keep filled glass of water on the table and keep piece of paper on it (on glass). Keep a coin between the papers.
    Challenge your friends to drop the coin or paper in the water without touching to the paper or coin.
  • And obviously, no one will be able to do this.
  • Now, tell your friends that they can use any object to drop the coin or paper. But, the Condition is that object should not touch to the coin or paper. And certainly, no one will dare to accept this challenge.

When magician do any magic tricks with objects for entertainment of people then it is called the “hanky-panky”.
And we are presenting such type of magic tricks which you can perform at the home.

Trick Revealed

Actually, This is not a magic. It is a art or simple puzzle.  Burn the paper by matchstick, coin will automatically drop in the water. So you can drop the coin in water, then it will be called a magic.

[ NOTE :- The Matchstick should not touch to the paper. Only give the flame to the paper]

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