How to Do Magic with Coin Like A Magician

Coin Magic – Generally, most people belives in superstition specially those people who are not well educated and also villagers, because they are unknow about science and this is main reason that people belives in superstition or black magic . firstly , guys I want to tell you that black magic do not exist on the universe .everything happens because of science and world is also becoming more creative with the help of science . And that’s why I am going to introduce the science through this coin magic trick.

How to Do Magic with Coin Like A Magician

The people who does black magic gives the confidence to the people suffering from mental problem that they will cure them with their supernatural power. Since the time of civilization, the magicians are raising their voice against such frauds . You can Play a magician role in your home or school for surprising people by this coin trick.

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You Will Need – Mercurous chloride Powder, A Small Aluminium Coin, some water.

Let’s Start The Coin Magic Trick.

  • Even today ,the fight against against superstition are continues,but unfortunately people still believe in superstition and that’s why we are going to tell you secret of the black magic of vudu by which the common or innocent peoples have been cheated by them .
  • If you go towards such magician then he shows you a coin .suppose, he (magician) has a 10 paise coin ,he would keep a coin on your hand .he will tell you to close your fist and then he will say, now ,imagine that coin is warming up .and you will consider in a moment .
  • After some time the coin becomes hot that it becomes impossible to keep in the fist .you will open the fist and see that not only coin but also ash is on your hand. You get surprise .then he assures you that god has sent power to save you from being trapped in the devil .

Secret Of  Magic Coin Trick relieved.

This is a common trick which is based on the chemistry. Before doing this , dip your fingers in water and take a little bit of mercurous chloride powder and rub it on the coin and then give it to the audience. When mercurous chloride react with aluminium it forms ash and produce heat and then Coin magic trick will be done.

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