New Magic Trick With Card for Beginners and kids

Hi guys Welcome To Magic Hax Today we are going to share How to Do Magic trick with card specially for Kids and beginners. Generally, we use many things in our life or we see many things in our surrounding but we never think about it. We only watch it and that’s why we never get the knowledge of that things.  In our daily life, we play the cards. Mostly people only know how to play cards. But they don’t know what they can do with this cards in another way. And that’s why I’m gonna tell you something intresting  magic trick With card about this playing cards in this blog.

How To do Magic With Card In 3 Easy steps –

This pack of cards possesses an inherent magic which can be seen through any paddle at any time. You can surprise and amaze your friends with this interesting brainy trick.

magic with card


1. Take a pack of cards, count them, distribute them into four stacks and place them on a table upside down (with number facing the table).

2.Take a piece of paper and write your prediction on it. Fold it and keep it in a place visible to everyone.

3. Give names to these four stacks of cards as one, two, three and four. Ask any spectator to choose any of the four stacks and place their hand on it.

Then ask them to take the piece of paper with your prediction on it, open and read it. It reads ‘you have picked stack no: 4’ and it turns to be true.

 Trick Releaved Secret Of magic trick with card –

You will always turn out to be right and will never fail in this trick. The reason is, whatever the stack the spectator chooses, it turns out to be 4. When dividing the pack of cards into 4 stacks, keep three cards numbered 4 in stack one, two cards numbered 2 in stack two, four cards of any number in stack three and 11 cards of any number in stack four.

Also REad

If spectator chooses first stack, it will have cards numbered 4. If he chooses second stack, it will have cards of total value 4 (2 cards of number 2). If he chooses third stack, it will have four (4) cards and If he chooses fourth stack, Its already named ‘four’. Thus your prediction will always turn out to be true.

Second Trick with Card & Glass 

you will Need – A Steel Glass, Playing Card

How To Stand Glass Over The Card –

Magic Trick With Card

Magic Trick With Card

  • Here The another magic Trick With card let’s start thr trick.  Show A card (playing card) and the glass of steel or brass to the audience.
  • Hold the card in the right hand and keep the glass at the edge of card. Actually, it is impossible.
  • But still it will be possible with the help of the mantra “Abra Ka Dabra”

Secret OF Card Magic Trick

This magic trick is also simple as another magic tricks. But it needs to know secret and lots of study. Hold the card in straight position.aside your thumb and another side your all fingers. But keep your frist finger straight behind the card.

Now, Do little drama to focus the glass at the upper end of card, it will look like you are trying too much to focus the glass, but it is not focusing. Magic Trick With Card Try to focus the glass after removing the frist finger and then remove the other hand Audience will feel that you focused the glass on the upper end of the card.


Third Card Magic Trick With  Knife

Requarment – A set of Playing Card, and Steel Knife

magic with card and knifeTake a set of cards and give it to the audience for detection . Now show the cards to audience after arranging it and keep it on the table.

Take a butter knife, rotate it in the middle part of the set of cards and divide them into two parts. Ask any one from audience to take up the whole set of cards and then declare that you can tell last card of this set without knowing it well.

Audience will be doubtful,but you will justify your point. Take the knife towards the ear as it telling secret to you and now declare the cards.

This Magic Trick Revealed –

The secret behind this card magic trick is shining knife. Keep the cards on the table and put the knife on the cards but you should put the knife at the edge of the card. Repeat this two or three times.thus, the printed color of the cards and the number will see on the knife.


Keep in mind the color or number of the cards and then declare the result. And then people will get shocked after watching this

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