Magic With Matchbox & Matchstick Trick For Beginners

Today, we are going to tell about Magic Trick with Matchbox for kids. You can show this magical trick to surprise people at your school, home and public places it is Easy magic Trick. And we will tell you two different tricks from matchbox. This trick demonstrated by Indian well known magician Late PC Sarkar will surely give you goose bumps. This is demonstrated by means of a box which is of same size as a pack of cards.  Once in Kolkata when this magic was demonstrated in a women society, president of the society fainted in amazement, the programme had to be stopped for about an hour and resumed only when she was back to consciousness.

 How To do Magic with Matchbox – MAgic Trick For KIds

Requarments –

A Matchbox and Cotton.

First  trick goes like this 
magic with matchboxShow the box to spectators while showing, announce that a spectacular thing will be shown inside the box so that they get prepared to be amazed.

Then slowly open the box. Inside, spectators will see a severed (cut) human finger on a cotton cloth which is still wiggling.

Spectators will surely get goosebumps in shock and amazement after seeing this.


Secret OF Trick – Magic Trick Revealed

This trick is very easy  Just exactly in the centre of the box, make a hole of the size of your finger. Place a cotton or foam cloth on the hole and close the box. Push thumb into cotton so that it sticks out of the hole made. Insert your middle finger in the hole, through the cotton and put the lid on.

Position your hand so that it appears you are holding the small box flatly in your hand and when you open the lid, a stump of severed (cut) finger will be revealed and spectators will be shocked. Close the box immediately. Don’t be surprised If some spectators scream during the trick as they see the severed finger.

To make it even more interesting, you can add some red marker or paint to the cotton insert to make it appear like there is a little bit of blood around the hole in the cotton insert.

Also REad – 

Second Trick

Magic with Matchstick Trick For Beginners and Kids

The magician and the author professor Aj will be always indebted for various books related to the magic. “modern magic” or “magic” or “letter magic” this all Post were spread sensation.  After sometime, all the magicians were inspired by this blog.

Requirements :- A matchbox or label of the matchbox.

matchstick trick

  1. The professor Aj discoveries were admirable. Like, to miss any things and create new magic.
    Similarly, we are presenting Matchstick Trick for KIds and new magicians.
  2. In this trick, the magician shows a filled matchbox to the audience and then he keeps it off.
  3. he says mantra on the matchbox and then he plays with it. surprisingly!! All the sticks of matchbox has been missing. The matchbox is empty, but how is this happened?

Secret of Matchstick Trick –

you Can also perform this matchstick trick after practice. Empty the matchbox and then remove out its base properly and stick it between the matchbox. Stick the label on the both side of matchbox. Now fill the sticks of matchbox in only upper side (half of the matchbox) and lower side of matchbox will be empty.

And frist u have to open upper side (sticks filled part) and then open another side of matchbox(empty part). Then it will get empty. And because of same label on the both side of matchbox audience will get confuse and your tricks will get success.


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